Vote forests

for koalas and climate

This NSW state election, we need to vote for the people who will protect native forests. Join our people powered movement to end native forest logging in NSW, forever.

If we don’t protect Australia’s remaining native forests;

Koalas and other endangered and vulnerable species will go extinct
We will lose our carbon-bank – a critical tool in repairing our broken climate
We will suffer worsening bushfire and drought

Together, we have an opportunity to put native forests on the agenda at the NSW State Election.

From Northern NSW to the South Coast, native forests are under immense threat from industrial scale logging.  

Forestry Corporation NSW is pillaging beautiful ecosystems - turning beautiful, habitat rich, life-giving forests into piles of woodchips and cheap, throwaway timber products.  

Forestry NSW has incurred more than half a million dollars in fines for breaking their own regulations in the last twelve months alone, and it is species like the Koala, the Swift Parrot and the Greater Glider that are suffering the consequences – hurtling toward extinction from the loss of their forest habitat. 

NSW residents paid are paying $9 million in the 2021/22 financial year to subsidise the cost of logging our native forests and in doing so, are sending species like the Koala to extinction. Taxpayers are paying for destruction of habitat, the loss of critical carbon sinks and the degradation of our soil, waterways and precious ecosystems.    


Native forests are a critical tool in mitigating the climate crisis. They contain thousands of years of sequestered carbon, remove pollutants from our air, and regulate soildecrease the likelihood of drought. If Australia wants to reduce carbon emissions by 2030 there is simply no option but to leave these magnificent forests standing.

Logging native forests makes no sense – ecologically, nor economically. New South Wales native forests are worth more than woodchips. 

Our unique and iconic Koala is on a tragic pathway to extinction by 2050 - unless we end the incessant logging of the forests they call home.

Within the last decade, the koala’s status has escalated from ‘vulnerable’ to ‘endangered.’ In that same timeframe, logging of their habitat has tripled. These two facts are intrinsically connected - unless we stop destroying koala habitat, there is no chance for them to survive in the wild.

Habitat destruction is caused by five main drivers:

  1. Industrial scale logging
  2. land-clearing for farmland – has increased 12-fold in the last 10 years
  3. urban development and the construction of roads and housing for people
  4. mining
  5. climate change that is making inland forest habitat too hot, leading to heatstroke or stress. 

Koalas rely on vast tracts of intact forest, with a variety of specific Eucalypts to live and feed from. Native forest loggingHabitat destruction is fragmenting their landscape – limiting their ability to move freely during breeding season to intermingle with other colonies, and degrading their gene pool – making them vulnerable to transmissible disease.

Bus and drought, exacerbated and worsened by native forest logging, are also encroaching on the koalas survival. If we do not stop the loss and degradation of koala habitat immediately, we will have no chance of preventing their decline towards extinction.

We are calling for an end to native forest logging in NSW and the protection of vital habitat for threatened and endangered species.

  • End all native forest logging in New South Wales immediately.
  • Protect all remaining koala habitat  
  • Endorse the Great Koala National Park at the mid-North coast, 
  • Adopt the 42 recommendations from the 2019 parliamentary enquiry into Koala Population and Habitat.