Where the parties stand

Labor Party

Labor established a Taskforce in 2015 to provide recommendations to government about the economic issues facing the logging industry, and the creation of new national parks.¹

Despite clear agreements being reached by the stakeholders about these issues², the government has not acted and logging has continued throughout the four years of government.  

Labor spent $60 million of tax-payers money buying an unsustainable and economically unviable saw mill in the LaTrobe valley.³

Labor has not ruled out creating new national parks but so far they have not acted. 

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The Greens

The Greens support an end to native forest logging and the creation of the Great Forest National Park and East Gippsland’s Emerald Link.¹

In 2018 they launched a plan to transition the wood and fibre industry while introducing a Bill to repeal the Wood Pulp Agreement Act. ²

The Act locks in legislated supply of forests to the Maryvale Pulp mill where Reflex paper is made.  

The Greens Parks Plan calls for funding increases to Parks Victoria of $50 million a year.³ 

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Liberal / Nationals Coalition

The Liberal National Coalition has ruled out the creation of new national parks to protect forests from logging.  

Currently the Liberal National Coalition has no environment policy, however they say they will announce a policy statement before the election. ¹  

The Coalition proposes to scale up logging in habitat for the Critically Endangered Leadbeater’s Possum by halving the size of the current logging buffers (which will result in a 75% reduction in the size of the circular buffers).²

The proposal is part of a broader plan to weaken environment protection rules and allow more logging of critical habitat.

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